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Liberty Baptist Servant Evangelism Projects

Liberty Baptist Church

Our Jerusalem is Zip Code 99218



  1. Fireplace Kindling Project.


We will get a group of men together to cut and split firewood kindling. We could make it a weekend camp out for men and boys. Take on a neighborhood and go door-to-door in the fall to offer a free bundle of kindling. Bring coffee and hot chocolate and have a great time of fellowship bringing church members together. Attach a connection message to the bundles and tell them when they run out they can text us their name and address and we will deliver another gift bundle. Every time they start a fire in their fireplace they will remember the churches act of kindness. Every time someone accepts a bundle of kindling we have planted a seed. Every time someone texts us for another bundle of kindling we are able to water the original seed we have planted. God is responsible to bring the harvest to his church family.


This year we will begin making up these bundles after the men’s breakfast on August 26th and September 30th.. The work will take place on the back of the churches property. We will need contact cards, twine, firewood to split, log splitter, chainsaw and a large tarp to cover the pile. We will need a large planning map of zip code 99218 to work out our detailed delivery plan.


Distribution will begin on November 18th per the neighborhood plan.





August 26, 2017        =          Build kindling bundles after men’s breakfast.


September 30, 2017 =          Build kindling bundles after men’s breakfast.


October 28, 2017      =          Begin to distribute bundles after men’s breakfast.


November 18, 2017  =          Distribute bundles on Saturday.